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Controlling Travel Costs

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ravel prices are always increasing across the board. Airfares are almost always rising.  Sometimes because of fuel costs and sometimes because of mergers and, if nothing else, the cost of living and supplies. The expense is significant and usually represents the second largest controllable expense in event supervision.

With the constant increase in scientific gadgets the perks on planes will continue to rise as in-flight Wi-Fi and flying office accommodations are recognized by all as a big attraction on planes. So the difference between the haves and have-nots aboard a plane will widen. You have to consider these costs and your duty to care for your road warriors. Which ones are permissible and under what circumstances. If you have a number of flights you can promise you should try to negotiate a reduced fee.

From the hotel side expect more resort fees, gym fees, etc. Fewer and fewer things will be free. This means to save costs you need to drill down in your contract and clearly understand what items you are charged for and what items are added on.

On the car rental side, look out for no show fees and a myriad of additional charges. In many cases over 50% of the car rental fees are not in the base price. Look into your credit card  company and insurance policy to see if they cover some of the fees your travelers are paying extra for.

In general:

Leverage spending. Group and meeting travel combined with all of your corporate travel should be properly leveraged through one consolidated source to get the most leverage in your supplier agreement negotiations. Only with consolidated data and control will you secure the best values.

Revisit your travel policy. The policy should define how to avoid some of these charges, what can be reimbursed, what suppliers should be used
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