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Negotiating a Contract

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• Organizing your management team

• Ins and outs of location selection

• Organizing your responsibilities

• Working with your venue's event planner


The basic rules of negotiating include the following:

·         Start with a plan. Know exactly what you want. The more detailed you are the better your outcome.

·         Do your homework. Search the web for information on the hotel you want to use. Find out what their competitors charge.

·         Use bargaining power. Have another supplier you can mention in the conversation so the hotel knows you are aware that they have competition. However, don’t lie. If you tell the person at hotelA that hotelB will give you rooms at 50% off you should realize that the person you are talking to at hotelA knows if that is true or not.

·         Assume nothing. Ask questions, more questions, and still more. Do not be afraid to ask them to define any terminology you do not understand.

·         Exercise silence. Be a great listener. They are explaining to you what they can and cannot offer which is exactly what you want to know.

Some items you might ask for that could sweeten the pot for your attendees include:

• late check-outs

• complimentary newspapers

• turndown service

• valet parking

Your chances of receiving these items is directly related to the payoff for the hotel. The larger your event the more you can ask for.

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